Carol Shaw, First Woman Video Game Designer

Carol was born in Palo Alto, California in 1955, her father was a mechanical engineer. During her childhood, she had no interest in dolls and typical toys for girls at that time, Carol preferred to play with her brothers and the model railway that they had. Carol was always good at math, but became interested […]

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Amanda F. Kelley is the first enlisted woman to graduate from U.S Army’s Ranger School

Amanda F. Kelley She borns in USA at the end of 1980’s decade. At the age 29, Amanda became the first enlisted woman to graduate from the rigorous Program from US Ranger Army School. She is not the first female who completed the program, but she is the first enlisted one. After graduating from Easley High […]

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Cassie de Pecol, The First Woman on Record to Travel to Every Country in the World

Cassie de Pecol Cassie was born on June 23, 1989 in United States, she grew up educated by her parents through homeschooling before attending public school at 13.  She majored in environmental studies in College. At 21 she started her own business and her solo travels where she would live in 9 countries and travel to […]

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