Averil Mansfield, The First Female Professor of Surgery in the United Kingdom

At the time you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Averil did know it and she became what she wanted to be Averil Mansfield She was born in the United Kingdom on June 21, 1937. Since she was a child, she felt very attracted to science and medicine. […]

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Lidia Sogandares, The First Medical and Obstetrician Gynecologist in Panama

Can you imagine that at the end of your professional studies, you can not immediately practice your profession? Lidia Gertrudis Sogandares Rivera She was born in Panama in the first decade of the twentieth century. Her family was made up of her parents and 5 siblings. As a young girl, she was a student of […]

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Julieta Lanteri, the first woman to vote in Latin America

Julieta Lanteri Born in Italy on March 22, 1873 and Argentinian citizen. In 1911, Julieta became the first woman to vote in Latin America, even though women did not have the right to vote at that time. Julieta was also the first woman to graduate from the National School of La Plata, and in 1906 […]

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