Palmira Garza, First Mexican Cartoonist
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Palmira Garza, First Mexican Cartoonist

Born in Saltillo, Coahuila. Since she was a child, drawing was her passion, which then would interest her as a professional career when she first read a comic from “La Familia Burrón”. She was only 15 years old when this happened, but she was determined, so she looked for Gabriel Vargas, creator of this mythical comic, it was then that she became her assistant and apprentice.

It was quite a challenge for her, she was the only woman in the guild, she comments that everyone was very patient and kind with her. Afterwards, she no longer wanted to draw without direction, she wanted to express her opinion, relying on the caricature and supported by Rius, Palmira began to publish in the magazine “Sucesos” at the age of 25.

She had many opportunities, she herself admits that in some way it favored her to be a woman, at that time it was a novelty, but because of this, people did not pay attention to the quality of her drawings and this annoyed her.

But along with the support, came the criticism, there was sexists who only had negative comments and after having participated in the feminist magazine “Fem” they categorized her as a feminist, despite the fact that she dealt with all the issues in her drawings.

Despite the success and due to the poor pay she received as a cartoonist, Palmira had to retire and not much more was known about her until in 2003 she gave an interview to the newspaper “El Universal”.

Palmira is said to have died in 2016 in Cuernavaca, Morelos