Emilia Pardo Umaña, The First Female Journalist in Colombia
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Emilia Pardo Umaña, The First Female Journalist in Colombia

Emilia Pardo UmañaF

Born in Colombia in the year of 1907, she had 8 brothers, her only older brother becomes her accomplice and companion in her journalism career. She began her elementary studies at age 8, continued with middle-school and studied nursing, an occupation that was considered appropriate for women. However, Emilia broke stereotypes and decided to be a journalist.

By 1934, when she was 27 years old, she began her career in journalism and became editor of a social column for the newspaper El Espectador. And time later, she also wrote for other newspapers, and used these spaces to carry out her political activism, which causes a temporary exile in Ecuador.

In 1951 she published her only novel: Un muerto en la legación, a crime novel that was well accepted. That same year, she founded and built the cultural radio station HJCK, El Mundo in Bogotá. Emilia made active publications until the day of her death, in December 1961.




Emilia Pardo Umaña, vida y obra de la primera mujer periodista en Colombia (Emilia Pardo Umaña, life and work of the first woman journalist in Colombia) Available online

Picture: Emilia Pardo Umaña,  Vamos pues…. Conozca! El Espectador, December, 2nd 1935.  p. 11.