This is a project in continuous growth and we know there is much more information to be posted in this space. However, we are very happy to share and recognize some of the Pioneering Women in several fields, here you will find some of their names.

Science and Technology


  • First Woman to have flown in space, she was only 26 years old: Valentina Tereshkova
  • First Woman to receive a Nobel Prize and the first person and only woman to win twice: Marie Curie
  • First Female to walk in space, and became the second woman in space: Svetlana Savitskaja
  • First American Woman in space: Sally Ride
  • First Mom in Space: Anna Lee Fisher
  • First Woman to earn a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Tokyo: Katsuko Saruhashi
  • First Woman to ever receive a Ph.D. in meteorology: Joanne Simpson
  • First Mexican Female to receive a Ph.D in Astronomy from Berkeley University: Silvia Torres Castilleja
  • First Argentinian Female Meteorologist: María Luisa Altinger
  • First Mexican Woman Architect in Mexico and Latin America: María Luisa Dehesa
  • First Woman Biologist in Mexico: Helia Bravo Hollis
  • First Mexican Female to receive a degree in civil engineering: Concepción Mendizabal
  • First Woman Computer Programmer: Ada Lovelace
  • First Odontologist and Professional Female in Latin America: Margarita Chorné y Salazar
  • First Chilenian Female medical student and first woman to become a doctor of medicine in Chile: Eloísa Díaz Insunza
  • First Panamanian Woman to become an Obstetrician and Gynecologist: Lidia Gertrudis Sogandares Beluche
  • First Mexican Female Medical Surgeon: Matilde Montoya



Cinematography and Acting

  • First Mexican Woman to win a Golden Globe and nominated to the Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars, for Best Supporting Actress for Broken Lance, in 1955: Katy Jurado
  • First Mexican Woman Director and Film Screenwriter in Mexico:  Mimi Derba


  • First Mexican Woman Painter in exhibiting her art in USA: María Izquierdo
  • First Mexican Woman initiator of the feminist Muralism Movement in Mexico: Aurora Reyes
  • The first known Female Tattoo Artist in the United States: Maud Wagner


  • Pioneering Woman in Photography and the first female to setup a photo studio in Mexico: Natalia Baquedano
  • First  Woman Photojournalist to have died while covering the frontline in a war: Gerda Taro
  • First Mexican Woman Professional Photographer:  Lola Alvarez Bravo


  • First Mexican Female, operatic soprano of international fame, which her remains were placed to the Rotonda de Personas Ilustres (the Rotunda of Illustrious People) in Mexico City: Angela Peralta



  • First Mexican Female to ever win an Olympic Games gold medal (2000): Soraya Jimenez
  • First Female Athlete from Mexico to win an Olympic medal in 1968: Maria del Pilar Roldan
  • First Racquetball player who won simultaneously both World Champion in Women’s Singles and Doubles: Paola Longoria
  • First Woman in Latin America to ever climb Mount Everest: Elsa Ávila
  • First Female to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entry: Kathrine Switzer
  • First Woman to create and wear a one-piece swimsuit, she was arrested for it (early 1900’s): Annette Kellerman
  • First Female to swim across the English Channel in 1926: Gertrude Ederle 
  • First Woman from England to motorcycle around the world : Elspeth Barba
  • The first ever Turkish women to compete in the Olympic Games: Halet Çambel and Suat Fetgeri Aşani
  • First Argentinian Female to compete in Dakar Rally (2014): Alicia Reina

Humanities & Social Scienceimages-2

  • First Woman Who Aspired to the Presidency of Her Country, El Salvador: Prudencia Ayala
  • First Mexican Female Governor: Griselda Alvarez Ponce de Leon
  • Mexico City First Elected Woman Mayor: Claudia Sheinbaum
  • First Female Diplomat: Alexandra Kollontai
  • First Argentinian Woman President: Eva Perón
  • First Mexican Female to have a position into the Cabinet of Federal Government of Mexico: Rosa Luz Alegria
  • Panama’s First Female President: Mireya Moscoso Rodriguez
  • Mexico’ First Woman Prime Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation: Maria Cristina Salmoran
  • First Panamanian Female Lawyer in 1922: Clara Gonzalez
  • First Female Lawyer in South Korea: Lee Tai-Young 
  • The First Female Ambassador in Latin America, as the Ambassador of Panama in Mexico: Elida Campodónico de Crespo
  • Mexican First Female Anthropologist (1945): Eulalia Guzman
  • First Female from Mexico to graduated as Archeologist in 1946: Florencia Müller Jacobs
  • First Female from Guatemala to receive a Nobel Peace Prize: Rigoberta Manchu
  • First Woman to receive a Nobel Prize in Latin America: Gabriela Mistral
  • First Mexican Lawyer: Maria Asuncion Sandoval de Zarco


  • First Miss Universe (1954): Armi Kuusela
  • First Transexual Woman to compete in the Miss Universe Canada: Jenna Talackova
  • First Transexual Woman to compete in the Miss Universe: Ángela Ponce
  • American First Female Traffic Cop in Washington D.C (1918): Leona N. King
  • First Argentinian Female to lead a Winery in one of the most important winery regions in Argentina: Emilce Notaro
  • Mexico’s First Woman to lead a Winery: Laura Zamora
  • First Female to Run a Champagne House: Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin
  • First Female to Graduate from the enology program at UC Davis: MaryAnn Graf
  • First Female to Pass the Master Sommelier Exam in America: Madeline Triffon
  • First Woman to Pass the Master of Wine Exam: Sarah Morphew Stephen
  • First Female to ever head the CIA (2018): Gina Haspel 

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