Paola Longoria López

She is a professional racquetball player and studied Engineering
at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León. She was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico in 1989. At age 9, she qualified for her first youth world championship and at 18 she won the US Open for the first time. In her sports career, there are several participations and triumphs in Pan American Games, Central American Games, World Junior and Junior Championships, and now IRF World Championships (International Racquetball Federation) and LPRT Championships (Ladies Professional Racquet Tour) where she kept a winning streak of more than 151 unbeaten matches.

Some of the obstacles that she won at the beginning of her career were the lack of support to be able to attend all the tournaments and the absence of a sponsor of racket equipment as well as the difficulty to get it. However, she has told repeatedly in interviews that she has always had the support of her parents to get ahead. Today it has the support of the state of Baja California, the Mexican Federation of Racquetball, sponsors, the press, its followers and the general public.

Paola is unstoppable, with her recent triumph in the Central American Games of Barranquilla, she is consecrated as a four-time champion after winning in Cartagena 2006, Mayagüez 2010 and Veracruz 2014. At some point she also became the youngest player to obtain the number one position of the world ranking in the professional division, besides being the first Mexican woman to achieve this triumph.




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