Eugénie Brazier the first woman to be awarded three Michelin stars

You arrive at a prestigous restaurant in France and you see in the menu, “Poultry in half mourning” or “Beautiful lobster of the dawn” Would you order those dishes? After reading the story of Eugénie Brazier, you should do. Eugénie Brazier Eugénie was not only a pioneer in obtaining the stars awarded by the Michelin […]

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Viola Desmond, The First Canadian Woman to Appear Alone on a Bank Note ($10 bill)

Viola Desmond She was born in Nova Scotia, Canada on July 6, 1914.  Viola grew up in a middle-class mixed-race family, one of ten children of James Albert and Gwendolin Irene DavisOne. When Viola graduated from high school,  she worked as a teacher in two racially-segregated schools for Black students. After that period, she was refused admittance […]

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Cassie de Pecol, The First Woman on Record to Travel to Every Country in the World

Cassie de Pecol Cassie was born on June 23, 1989 in United States, she grew up educated by her parents through homeschooling before attending public school at 13.  She majored in environmental studies in College. At 21 she started her own business and her solo travels where she would live in 9 countries and travel to […]

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