Evelyn Miot, the first black woman to reach the top fifteen finalists position in Miss Universe

Evelyn Miot Born in Haiti in 1943. At age 18 she was one of the 15 finalists of the 1962 edition. In her own words she says that her legacy is having been a pioneer for Haiti in Miss Universe. Married for more than 45 years with the Italian, Johnny Camarchioli, they have lived for […]

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Viola Desmond, The First Canadian Woman to Appear Alone on a Bank Note ($10 bill)

Viola Desmond She was born in Nova Scotia, Canada on July 6, 1914.  Viola grew up in a middle-class mixed-race family, one of ten children of James Albert and Gwendolin Irene DavisOne. When Viola graduated from high school,  she worked as a teacher in two racially-segregated schools for Black students. After that period, she was refused admittance […]

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